Develop applications to release on the App Store and Google Play.


Exclusively yours. Siberian is a CMS that is freely available. You are not leasing an internet-based platform, the software belongs to you, and the applications you generate are yours. By incorporating an asset into your business, you enhance its worth. Additionally, you have the ability to transfer the rights of their apps to your clients.


Leverage your brand. Siberian offers complete white labeling, regardless of whether you opt for a free or paid version. You have the ability to create apps under your own brand, incorporating your unique colors and domain name.


Develop your unique functionalities. The only restriction is your creativity. The source code is accessible regardless of the version. You have the freedom to personalize both the software itself and the pre-existing functionalities. Have a specific requirement from a client? Not an issue, you can either develop it yourself or outsource its development.


Supportive community. One of the benefits of utilizing open-source software is the availability of a robust community, comprising builders and developers. Numerous individuals, similar to yourself, are eager to provide assistance and exchange their expertise.


Dashboard: Easily manage all your operations from a centralized dashboard. Keep track of the number of push notifications sent and monitor the usage of your CMS by customers.

Manage Users: Take control of your user base using the Siberian CMS App Maker. From the backend, you have the ability to manage all your users, the apps they are associated with, their login permissions, and their app-building capabilities.

Create User Roles: Establish multiple roles to grant specific access to different parts of your CMS. You have the flexibility to determine whether a user can access a particular feature or even a specific page within their app.

Translate your app: The Siberian CMS App Maker supports multiple languages. Install language packages from our marketplace or effortlessly add new languages with just one click. Translate your app easily through a user-friendly interface.

Previewer App: Allow your users to test their apps on their mobile devices with the previewer app. Customize this pre-made app with your own branding elements, such as colors and logo, to provide a premium service alongside your app maker. (Paid module)

Auto-Publishing: Streamline the process of generating and publishing apps. With a simple click of a button, you can automatically build and publish your APK and iOS files to the app stores. (Available for Android in commercial editions and as a paid module for iOS)

Payment Gateways: Enhance your Platform Edition by integrating multiple payment gateways. Provide your clients with the option to pay for their subscriptions using popular gateways like Paypal, 2Checkout, or Stripe.


German, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, French, Czech, Dutch, Catalan, Turkish Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Greek


You have the option to utilize various pre-designed layouts that we have created for your convenience.


Health & Medical Bundle, Optometrist Template with Icons, Health Shop Template with Icons, Alternative Medicine Template with icons, Medical Center Template with icons, Yoga Studio Template with icons, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Foodie Bundle


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